Tip: use shorthand as shown above to go to a Wall directly, e.g. t/jack

How and why

Evrywall has a “Wall” for everyone on Facebook and Twitter. With common sense and good will, you can write on any of them. For no reason at all, or simply to say what you wish did not remain unsaid.

Your words are for the world to see, and your voice will be heard. The recipient, however, will find out about your message only if they stumble upon Evrywall.

Getting started

Log in with your Facebook or Twitter account, and you are ready to go. You can reply to posts, turn pre-moderation for your Wall on or off, and post on other Walls. Remember that all messages are public.

A Wall can be found by pasting the corresponding profile address in the search bar. You can also just type in the username.

At the top of a Wall there is a button to add it to your bookmarks. There is also an option to block that person from writing to you.

You can get to your Bookmarks from the toolbar at the top. The toolbar is also where you will get alerts for New posts and new replies in your Conversations.

About Walls

On Evrywall every Facebook and Twitter account has a “Wall”. A Wall is similar to a message board or a guestbook, where people can leave messages (“posts”). Log in with your social account to manage your Wall and to post responses (“replies”). All posts and replies are public.

Posts and conversations

You cannot add new posts for your own Walls, but you can post on Walls of others. Also, you are the only one who can reply to posts on your Wall. The authors of the posts you comment on can reply back, and so on, resulting in a conversation. You can find your most recent conversations here.

Multiple social accounts

You can manage multiple Walls and post from multiple social accounts without having to log out. Simply “Log in with more” while already logged in. Your social accounts are then linked together, so that afterwards you can use any one of them for the initial login.

If you share a computer, be careful not to log in with someone else's account. That will bundle your accounts together with account(s) of another person. If that happens, make sure to unlink any accounts that are not your own in Settings.

Editing posts and replies

Posts and replies can be edited by their authors after posting. Simply select “Edit” from the top right corner menu of the posted message. The option to edit becomes unavailable after several hours or after the reply of the recipient.

Deleting posts and replies

A post or a reply can be deleted by selecting “Delete” from its top right corner menu. For the author of the message this option is available for several hours or until a response is posted.

As account owner, you can delete any posts on your Walls at any time. When a post is deleted, all its replies are deleted as well. You can also delete all replies after a chosen point. To do that, select “Truncate conversation” from the menu of the first reply you want to delete.

Pre-moderation of posts

By default, all posts are publicly visible as soon as they are posted. But, if you prefer, you can enable pre-moderation for any of your Walls in Settings. With pre-moderation turned on, posts will only be published after your approval. This setting only refers to posts, replies cannot be pre-moderated.

Reporting abuse

We encourage you to report content that violates the Rules of Evrywall. To do that, open the top right corner menu of the post or reply in question and select “Report spam or abuse”. The menu is available when you are logged in.

Unlinking an account

If you accidentally log in with a wrong social account, unlink it in Settings. This will remove it from the list of your social accounts on Evrywall.

Deactivating a Wall

If you would like to deactivate any of your Walls, you can do so from Settings. Deactivated Walls can be neither viewed nor posted on by anyone.

Need more help? Ask a question on t/evrywll.