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///Grenzfurthner\\\ ///Grenzfurthner\\\ @johannes_mono
Andrew Archer
Yesterday I watched a film called "Glossary of Broken Dreams". It is more epic than the Avengers and is a gift that should be enjoyed by everyone. 👍
(╯°□°)╯︵∀⊥ᴚƎ∩H ⋊ƆIᴚƎ (╯°□°)╯︵∀⊥ᴚƎ∩H ⋊ƆIᴚƎ @ElRandomHero
ken montenegro
Mira puñal, expect you to kick it this weekend!
President Obama President Obama @POTUS44
Aaron Nowack
jason@calacanis.com jason@calacanis.com @Jason
Jason has been an inspiration for many years. The startup / tech community needs more like him. Looking forward to a long political career from him one day.
phil phil @uniphil_
Hey! You're cool! Thanks for the cookbook!
Jeffrey Petersen
Hello fellow hacker
Chris Colfer Chris Colfer @chriscolfer
You're amazing! Thank you for everything!
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